The most famous of the Greek islands is Santorini, which was formed by a very dramatic volcanic eruption. The island is full of churches, white buildings, blue roofs, and of course astonishing views and sunsets. The island is especially a dream for couples as it’s very romantic, with many secret places to stay like cave hotels and the couples can enjoy activities, escapes, wines and beautiful views together.

10Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is a very popular tradition in Santorini. Tourists have the option to visit wineries on their own or book a wine tour, wine tours are more popular and recommended as tours include picking up from the hotel and dropping off. It is also quite hard for tourists that aren’t local to find small wineries. The wine here is very unique because of the climate. There are wine tours where tourists can sit outside and sip in wine whilst enjoying the stunning sunset.

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9Watch The Sunset In Oia

Tourists come to Oia castle and fill the place up with crowds just to look at the beautiful sunset that shines on all the magnificent buildings of Santorini. Tourists should make sure to get there before sunset to find the best spots before they get filled by others. The feeling of the sunset is very exciting and magical and also very romantic. It ends when the sun disappears into the sea and everybody gives a clap for the beautiful moment that has just been witnessed.

8Boat Tour

A boat tour is a very stunning experience and should always be done when visiting Santorini. There are many boat tours to choose from and all are magical. Tourists can take a day tour which will usually be from 9 am to 3 pm and enjoy lunch and dive into the sea and swim. There are also sunset tours which are usually from around 3 pm to 9 pm and tourists can have dinner, they can also swim but not as much and the tour will usually be finished near Oia so tourists can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

7Skaros Rock

The Skaros hiking Rock is a very popular destination for tourists, the rock was built over many years by earthquakes and volcano eruptions. It is very elevated and has the most stunning views of the sea which makes it a very popular site. Many buildings were built around the rock including houses and businesses and even a church that is still standing. Large pieces of rock kept falling away into the sea from the rock so the residents in the nearby villages fled to other nearby villages.

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Santorini is full of temples with over 600, they cannot be missed when visiting. After the tragic volcanic eruption that happened here, many religious locals produced all of these holy buildings. When visiting Santorini, tourists should really consider exploring these places as they have a very special feeling about them and many have beautiful views and colors, because of this, thousands of people all over the world choose these religious places to get married. At times there are events called feast days where crowds celebrate and dance together with food and drink.

5Explore Imerovigli

Imerovigli is one of the most delightful villages in Santorini and there are many luxury hotels and suites here for visitors. One of the most luxurious hotels here is the Cavo Tagoo where tourists can find an infinity pool hanging off the cliff which is even more beautiful when the sun is setting. The best time to visit this village is from May to September which is when it’s very sunny and there is hardly any chance of rain.

4Black Sand Beaches

Santorini is full of black sand beaches which are unusual and interesting to visitors. The black sand is caused by the mixture of ash and volcanic lava from when there was a big volcanic eruption at Santorini. Tourists can relax here with a nice cool drink, laying on a sun lounger, and can even enjoy the beach bars and restaurants. There is also a variety of water sports activities happening at these beaches too.

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3Cave Hotel

Cave hotels are very popular and well known in Santorini, they are beautiful and secretive sweets built into the cliff of Santorini forming caves, which are very stunning and romantic. Even though it is hot in Santorini, the inside of these cave suits are very cool and in the winter when it’s cold outside the caves are nice and warm inside. In a cave hotel, tourists can expect to have breakfast and lunch brought to them and can enjoy eating whilst seeing the stunning views of the sea, sunset, and white buildings surrounding them.

2Mud Bath

Tourists can dive into the natural hot springs of Santorini and take a mud bath which is a thrilling experience for all. Tourists should expect to see red, muddy waters when arriving at the hot springs but this is very normal and it is very safe to go into the hot springs as scientists are always monitoring for changes. The sulfur in the water gives off a funny smell that is hard to get rid of so visitors shouldn’t wear items they will want to wear twice.

1Swimming At Red Beach